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Astir Waist Trimmer Ab Belt For Women & Men•Extra Long (44″), Extra Wide (9″), & Extra Flexible Sweat Belt with Maximum Abdominal Coverage•Non-Slip Surface for Max Waist Slimming•Lifetime Guarantee

Every aspect of our industry-leading Astir waist trimmer belt is designed to help you shed excess water and burn stubborn fat.

The Astir Belt is the most versatile ab belt out there. It measures a full 44″ long and 9″ wide, making it one of the LONGEST and WIDEST ab belts on the market. Why is that important? Shorter belts offer poor abdominal and lumbar support. Also, a suboptimal fit results in an ineffective belt that is constantly moving, slipping, or bunching up while in use. The Astir Belt eliminates these problems with a sturdy, comfortable, and flexible fit that you’ll barely notice beneath your clothes.

The Astir Belt is unlike any other waist trimmer belt due to its unique double-sided construction. The exterior is composed of a breathable nylon that ensures a comfortable fit for waist sizes up to 48″. The interior is a non-slip, textured surface that repels moisture instead of absorbing it as inferior belts do. This equates to a fresher and longer-lasting belt that is always ready for reuse.

Unlike cheaper belts that are glued together and fall apart quickly, our belts are held together by detailed stitching around the edges and a fully adjustable Velcro strap for a comfortable and secure fit around your waist.

The Astir Belt is made of environmentally friendly, 100% latex free, and recyclable material meaning you can work off that unwanted fat while being kind to the earth!

The Astir Belt is Simply #1! Compare the Astir Belt to any other ab belt on the market. Once you see how other belts tear, wear out after a few uses, and don’t offer enough ab coverage, we are confident you will see what sets the Astir Belt apart from the rest. Or save yourself the trouble and grab the best ab belt right now!

Oukang Curved Adjustable Sit up Bench, Decline Bench Slant Board,Crunch Board, Ab Bench

This multi-functional decline/incline exercise tool is a sit up bench needed for people looking to tone and burn fat in their core area effectively and ergonomically.

The bench provides the perfect platform to perform a wide range of ab exercises from sit-ups to crunches, reverse crunches and twists. It features 4 incline positions to offer your routine an extra boost to build your core that can grow as your abs grow.

Since there are four levels, this bench is perfect for the novice looking to get into shape or even the pro who’s wants to stay there!  The extra-long PU wrapped roller pads with chrome end caps make the machine extremely durable and lightweight while offering a comfortable and effective workout. It also features an ultra-thick and extra-long back cushion to support your back for ultimate comfort and spinal protection. As an added work-out bonus, this sit up bench comes with a pair of resistance bands to boost your entire body and strength training.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table

Just a few minutes a day on the Teeter EP 560 Inversion table can naturally stretch your back and spine to help relieve back pain, improve joint health, increase flexibility and build and tone muscles. Whether you’re targeting back pain or enhancing your fitness program to include inversion training Teeter Hang Ups is the proven inversion product, UL certified for safety and quality. The unique EP 560 ComforTrak Bed offers a pressure-reducing design that maximizes comfort and flexes with the user to enhance joint mobilization. The smooth surface reduces friction allowing the body to slide and achieve optimum decompressiion and stretch. In addition, the innovative “track” design accommodates the optional Adjustable Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories, available upon separate purchase.

Doorway Pull up Bar Push up Bars and Ab Wheel Home Exercise Equipment for Men Women and Young Adults Build Power Strength and Sex Appeal with FBD 101’s Upper Body Blaster “Let Us Get You Fit”

Benefits for Men: Push-ups can be performed at home with FBD 101’s push-up hand grips there is no need for expensive exercise equipment, which can save you money on a gym membership. Performing pushups stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the rest of your workout. Many who include pushups in their workout routine find that they are able to reach their fitness goals more easily than those following workouts that rely on other methods. Push-ups allow you to provide a full body workout, allowing you to access many muscle groups at once. You will notice that performing push up reps regularly will help you get a more toned chest, shoulders, forearms, upper arms and wrists.

Benefits for Women: Push-ups help you exercise the chest, abdominals and lower back while building strength in the quadriceps, eliminating your need to perform a wide variety of other exercises. Women often prefer performing push-ups to performing other weight lifting, stretching or cardiovascular exercises that would help them get the same results. Women can work on a large variety of muscle groups at once, helping them get more out of workout. Push-ups allow women to stretch back and biceps while toning the triceps, chest and deltoids. FBD 101’s push-up pull-up bar and ab wheel combo is a great addition to your home exercise regimen.

Core Strength Benefits Dedication to the ab wheel can strengthen your core, making it a valuable addition to your ab-building workout regimen. Having a strong core is about more than just showing off six-pack muscles at the beach. Harvard Medical School notes a strong core can help you execute everyday tasks such as bending, turning and standing upright. If you play sports, a strong core can help you excel. Strength in these muscles also contributes to improved posture and reduced risk of lower-back pain.

FitDeck – Kettlebell

FitDeck Kettlebell is an intense fitness tool to harden your entire body in one workout (upper, middle, and lower body). Intended for a broad range of users from first-time Kettlebellers to Kettlebell experts. Perfect title for cross-training.

Invertio Adjustable Folding Inversion Table w/ Padded Backrest for Back Fitness Therapy Relief

Are you deciding between a fitness table or other folding inversion tables, consider an Invertio Adjustable Folding Inversion Table which include padded backrest that for back relief and fitness therapy.

What’s so unique about this folding inversion table?
Here are several unique advantages of using a folding inversion table:
  1. Accommodates users who are 5’1″ to 6’6″ in height that is easy and adjustable along with settings that are clearly-marked on the unit.
  2. Premium Ankle Supports with 8-position adjustable supports providing a quick and perfect fit for any size user.  It locks securely, yet are easy to release when finished with a session.
  3. Inversion Control with extra-long 34″ handrails to help invert and return to upright position safely and easily.
  4. Accurate inversion that has a new and improved bolt design (instead of a strap system) allows you to pre-set the exact desired inversion angle for your comfort level.
  5. Comfortable, large, and luxuriously padded backrest (44-1/2″ x 18-3/4″) with an extra padded in the head rest, foam roller ankle supports, and handrails are also padded and soft along with being easy on your body.
  6. Sturdy – Heavy-duty 1-1/4″ diameter ultra high-strength tubular steel making this fully-braced, non-rocking frame safe for users up to 300 pounds, and non-skid, non-marring composite feet prevent movement on any surface and protect your floors.
  7. Foldable and Portable.
  8. Owner’s instruction manual with quick-start tool set.
  9. Dimensions – Assembled base dimensions (footprint) are 51″ long and 28-1/4″ wide; height is approximately 59-1/2″ when upright.

With the many advantages over other folding inversion tables, keep in mind that the fitness table will provide a quick and perfect fit for any size user. All you need to do is make sure choosing one that it’s right for you and is made for the best comfort and easy storage.


MESHA Pair of Push up Pushup Bar Stand

These push up handles are terrific for upper body workouts. Push ups can target your chest, shoulders, and back muscles. They are also known to improves strength in your upper body, arms, legs, and stomach. The foam handles aid in comfort and the foam covered handle grips are comfortable and slip resistant. A convenient and easy way to get a quick upper body workout anywhere on the go!

Maximiza Pull-up Bar – Doorway Pullup / Chinup Bar for the Perfect Upperbody Workout

‘Pull Up to Fitness’ with the Maximiza Pull-Up Bar by Garren Fitness

The Maximiza Pull-up Bar is a perfect addition to any fitness routine for upper-body strength and toning. Its versatile uses include pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches. As you gain strength, it is easy to add more variations and difficulty into your Pull-up Bar exercises. With the Maximiza, you need minimal space in your house to do highly effective bodyweight exercises. The heavy-duty chrome steel bar and the multiple screw-in door mounts provide safety and stability while giving you the flexibility to move it to different places or heights. The non-slip extra-long foam grips provide a firm grip and extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue.

The Maximiza Pull-Up Bar is adjustable to fit standard doorways between 26 and 36 inches when extended. Mounting Note: The door mounts need to be secured to the doorframe with screws (supplied).

The heavy duty chrome plated steel bar comes with comfy foam hand grips. There are 3 sets of brackets which can be screwed into up to 3 wooden doorframes in your house.

The maximum weight supported will vary depending on the individual installation including the mounting method and the doorframe. Maximum weights for typical installations are:

1. Heavy-duty door mounts: 300 lbs / 136kg

2. Medium-duty door mounts: 200 lbs / 90kg

Safety Note: Each time the bar is used, you should cautiously apply your weight to it during the first few exercises to confirm that it will safely hold your weight.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t completed satisfied, please contact us for a full refund – no questions asked.

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