This portable pull up bar is perfect for people who don’t want a big bulky “tower” that you can’t move.

You can assemble and disassemble the product in a minute (no tools required). It comes in 7 pieces (all under 45″ in length) and fits in a 48″x8″x8″ box.

This product is also a “transformer”. In its “normal” configuration, it is 7 feet tall, and the top bar lets you do pull ups, chin ups, and “neutral-grip” pull ups. You can adjust the height in 4″ increments.

In its “dipping” configuration, you take off the top half, so that the top bar is 3.5 feet high, allowing you to do dips, inclined pull ups, and and inclined push ups. Again, you can adjust the height in 4″ increments.

The construction is rock-solid, hand-welded by guys who make trapeze rigging that people trust their life to. The system can easily handle 350 pounds without bending.

The product is made entirely of aluminum, so its lightweight but won’t rust. Other pullup bars are made of steel, and can cost over $100 in shipping. Because our product only weighs 23 pounds, we can offer FREE SHIPPING.

This product is proudly designed and manufactured completely in the USA.

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