You want to get more out of each Pull-up Work Out. You want to develop a V-shaped Torso, Broad Shoulders and a Narrow Waist… If you are nodding your head in agreement to all the above statements; then man, do we have a product for you!! BodyBudd PULL-UP ASSIST BAND created by masters of their art Sport up USA, as a result of tons of research and experience thus guaranteeing a whole new level of bar exercising. Get a perfect V-shaped Back, Muscular Arms and Broad Shoulders with this proven method of Assisted Pull-ups. The BodyBudd Pull-up Assist Band is an absolute perfect choice to get the best pull-up work out. BodyBudd Assist Band makes it an optimal choice to help you work your way towards unassisted Pull-ups and Chin-ups, if you currently struggle to do chin-ups, it will assist you to do them. And if you’re advanced, it helps you to add additional reps after your muscles fatigue. It offers great adjust-ability to customize your workout to perfection, in either case; be part of a Happy, Healthy and Proudly BodyBudd Family & Love Your Body with BodyBudd! We believe nothing tastes as good as a Well Fit Body Feels!! Instructions: Step 1: Loop a band over the pull up bar. Step 2: Place a foot or knee in the band. Step 3: Complete Pull ups as normal. Step 4: Step down carefully and release yourself from the bar. Step one foot out first to avoid snap backs.

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