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XMark l 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608

XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608

The XMark Adjustable Ab Bench challenges those with less than ideal abs to the most dedicated athlete. As XMark Fitness Products’ top of the line abdominal bench, this ab bench is designed with 12 levels of adjustment on a 43″ tall rail, an extra thick 3″ split cushion for comfort and visual appeal and dual 8″ x 4.33″ oversized, Vinyl-covered roller pads with Chrome end caps for ankle and behind the knee support and comfort. Additionally, a middle hand grip is included for easy mounting and dismounting. Whittle the waist, sculpt a six pack and build your strongest, most powerful abs with XMark, the mark of excellence.

The XMark Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608 also features rear transport wheels for quick and easy storage, tear and sweat resistant Duraguard Vinyl and 11-gauge 3″ x 2″ steel construction.

• Beginner to Advanced workout
• Targets abdominal muscles
• 12 decline angles
• 3″ Duracraft bench pad with split cushion
• Tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl decline bench
• Middle hand grip
• Oversized 8″ x 4.33″ ankle and knee pads with Chrome end caps
• Rear transport wheels
• Baked powder coat finish
•- Heavy-duty 11 gauge 2″ x3″ construction
•- Assembled dimensions: 66.3″ L x 22.4″ W

Yes4All SYQ2-1 Abdominal & Exercise Hybrid Wedge, Black

Looking for an excellent tool to help you get “flat stomach” and “ripped abs”? You can’t miss this premium yes4all abdominal exercise mat! The quality goes hand in hands with the unbeatable price. Made of high density yet soft foam, yes4all ab mat contours your body perfectly and support your spine, lower back while doing abdominal sit-ups. Virtually, practicing with our ab mat ensures your right position, thus prevent injury. An abdominal mat measures 15 inch x 12 inch x 2.75 inch, providing a safe comfortable spot for you to practice on. No more interruption! Non-slip base keeps the mat always in place when you exercise. What to do with abmat? Especially designed to help you make a smooth, full range of motion while targeting the right muscles- the upper abs, lower abs, oblique’s and the lower back muscles. Our ab mat is ideally used for sit-ups, cross crunches, leg lifts, and heel touches. You can also use it as a padded supporter to do push-ups or handstand. Everyday exercises yes4all ab mat is a total fitness solutions that offer more and cost little. Its lightweight, portable features bring convenience for your daily workout routine. Take it with you anywhere to practice more.

Ab Gymnic/Amazing Belt Electronic Gymnastic Device

Sculpt, firm and tone your muscles quickly and easily!

Firm up your body and shed away those excess pounds with the Ab Gymnic! Ab Gymnic stimulates the nerves that make you muscles expand and contract thats how you work out and exercise.

The Ab Gymnic does the work for you, and you get the results! You can use Ab Gymnic while you are walking your dog, washing the dishes, reading a book or watching TV.

Ab Gymnic comes with 1 adjustable belt so you can use it on everything from your arms to your midsection and more!


AB Gymnic Unit
Neoprene Center Piece
Long Belt
Short arms and Leg belt
2 x Batteries

6 pre-Programmed Exersize and Workout Routines
Completely Portable
Adjustable Velcro Provides a Perfectly Comfortable Fit
No Wires or Cords to plug in

Ipow up to 44 Inch Lightweight Enhanced Professsional Breathable Elastic Compression Waist Lumbar Lower Back Trimmer Support Brace Belt Strap-weight Loss Belt for Men and Women (Waist black)


Double adjustment mechanism to Provide controlled compression for custom fit.

Reinforced open lower back support,to minimise patellofemoral tracking and avoid lower back brace slippage.

Built-in Layered Perforations for Breathable Performance.

Most users enjoy reduced waist fatigue and relief from the pain associated with injuries, arthritis or waist back strain. The thick neoprene material provides protection, compression and warmth to enhance healing.

King of Flash lumabr warist Brace is designed provide maximum medial/lateral support without restricting mobility.

Perfect for most sports activities like jogging, running, cross training, hiking, mountain biking, gym, horse riding

Warning Tips:

DO NOT use if you are allergic to neoprene.

Can not be washed with other clothing.

Do not bleach.

Can not be dehydrated in the washing machine.

Hand-wash recommended

Sela AB Core Total Body Exercise System Ab Toning Workout Fitness Trainer Home Gym Equipment Machine

The Sela Core fitness is a revolutionary 6 in 1 fitness product designed to target your whole core. Focusing on your upper, middle and lower abs, and your oblique’s! To give you the ultimate total body core shaping and toning work out this core workout machine been proven to be so effective and will help you to achieve your goals and get the sexy six pack abs you’ve always wanted! With this absolutely versatile fitness tool, giving you endless possibilities to be fit. You could experiment and create your own exercises. . You can change the resistance It has cleverly hidden interlocking springs and precision dials on each side that gives adjustable resistance, producing an amazing 10kg to 21kg of resistance on each side! The resistance allows you to work in both directions on each and every rep! So there’s no wasted time or effort as your muscles are going through the entire range of motion, giving you an fantastic total core workout. Perfect Workout for all Fitness levels t doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, young or old, with Sela fitness core you can choose the exact workout that you want to do.

Elite Sit Up Abdominal Mat – Comfortable Sit Up Pad with Nice Back Support – Bonus Resistance Band Included

Would You Like To Show Off Those Abs…Or Just Looking to Strengthen Your Core?


Improved Posture
Increased Basal Metabolic Rate
Better Sporting Performance
Great looking mid-section
Lower Risk of Back Injury
Reduced Risk To Disease
Train whenever you want
Increased Sports Efficiency and Reduced Risk of Injury

The Elite Abdominal Exercise Mat:

Is made of high quality material
Is long lasting and very comfortable
Will quickly give you a direct burn to your ABs
Gives great support to your back while you perform fuller extended sit-ups.
Backed by manufacturers lifetime warranty. If the Abdominal Mat breaks, ship it back and we will replace it for free

Elite Sportz Equipment is a name you can trust

All Elite Sportz Equipment Products are all backed by their 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!! You are also backed by Elite Sportz LIFETIME WARRANTY. If your Abdominal Exercise Mat EVER breaks we will replace it for FREE!!!.. No problems at all. So there is no risk to your purchase at all.

DODOING Women Waist Trainer Corset Underbust Weight Loss Shaper Tummy Fat Burner

1.Your curves never had it so good.
Waist shaper helps give you the hourglass figure you want by smoothing your waist and tummy area for a sleeker,curvier silhouette
2.Firm control helps minimize problem areas.
With our firm control, you get ideal shaping to help minimize your trouble areas. But unlike most firm shapewear that tends to bind and be uncomfortable when worn for an extended period of time, Waist shaper is made with a soft, microfiber fabric that adjusts to your body for a fit that comfortably helps smooth your tummy and waist.
3.Find your perfect size.
When figuring out the size of shapewear that is right for you, use your dress size as your guide. It’s important to remember that going down a size will actually cause more bulging and discomfort and the waist and leg bands of the shapewear will cutinto your skin. If you are currently between sizes remember to never size down. Also, when you are putting on shapewear always step into it, even with a camisole. This easy to remember step will prevent shapewear from getting tangled up around your arms and head.
4.Many ways to wear.
Waist Nipper works great with form-fitting tops, skirts or dresses. It’s perfect if you want to show off your hourglass figure under wedding gowns, cocktail dresses or casual outfits. Have the perfect outfit to wear but you need to smooth out your tummy pooch? No problem. Just slip on our waist nipper for a smoother, sleeker, and sexier you!

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Offering a revolutionary way to work your lower abs, upper abs, middle abs, and even your sides, the Ab Rocket will give you the body you’ve always wanted. The Ab Rocket works like a real piece of gym equipment, with a back and head apparatus that comfortably supports your head and neck, along with a rolling cushion that gives you a gentle massage while you perform crunches. Whether you want to tone your abdominals, strengthen your core, or melt inches from your waistline, the Ab Rocket’s three levels of resistance are up to the task.

As a bonus, the Ab Rocket comes with a free fat-blasting system, which includes a low-calorie meal plan filled with easy-to-make, mouthwatering low-calorie recipes and an instructional DVD with five-minute ab workouts, a cardio workout, and a Pilates assister. The Ab Rocket, which folds away for easy storage, weighs only 10 pounds.

Rolling cushions offer a comfortable feel on your back and neck.

The Ab Rocket helps to work your lower, upper, and middle abs.

What’s in the Box?
Ab Rocket abdominal trainer, workout DVD, healthy meal plan booklet

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