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Powerful Waist Trimmer – Weight Loss Waist Trainer Ab Belt Getting Results, Burning Belly Fat, Best Fitness & Exercise Workout Equipment For Abs, Lower Back Support & Extra Wide Width

It’s Not a Weight-Loss Miracle. It’s SCIENCE.

Are you tired of the “belly bulge”? Need to do something about it NOW?

If you’ve been trying to reduce your embarrassing belly bulge for any amount of time you know that the fastest, easiest, and most effective weight loss tool you have is to MOVE your body..

Why? Because it helps increase your thermal temperature, which, in turn, burns more calories.

Just imagine… burning up calories and watching yourself slim down…plus blasting away that unwanted belly bulge faster than you’d ever dreamed possible… Crank up the heat precisely where you need it most – your belly!

How It Works:
Your WeighTM Ab revealing waist trimmer belt helps you improve your exercise results, starting today, by burning calories faster. As the sweat-repelling, proprietary blend of non-irritating neoprene goes to work, your core temperature elevates, meaning you burn more calories WHILE you release unwanted toxins and water-weight where you need to most-your core.
The best part? You’ll stay cool, and experience maximum comfort because this ultra-breathable stomach trimmer hugs your shape to wick away sweat, hiding it until you toss it into your washing machine, and hang it dry. Plus 4X Power Design means you remember to engage your core, allowing your abs to transform into lean, calorie burning muscle for visibly appealing, toned abs. You’ll even experience the perfect posture and support you need to reduce injury while working out.

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Elite sportz equipment Dual Sided Gliding Discs, 2 Core Sliders


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The Elite Core Sliders:

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ACF Ab Roller for Abdominal Exercise – Best Ab Power Wheel for Strengthening Core (RED AB WHEEL)

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The Amazing Core Fitness Ab wheel is simply the BEST Ab Wheel at the BEST possible price…Period!

Now you can discover the missing link to getting ripped abs and sculpted arms
Here’s the Least Expensive, Most Potent Way to Get Your Body Pulsating with Strength, Endurance and Life Long Vitality…..At Home!
Great for Anyone from Beginners to Serious Athletes

✔ Made of high quality material
✔ Convenient in size(easy to travel with)
✔ Dual wheels for greater stability
✔ Comfortable, easy to grip handles
✔ Easy Assembly Instructions

Why the ACF Ab Wheel?
✔ Improved Posture
✔ Increased Basal Metabolic Rate
✔ Better Sporting Performance
✔ Lower Risk of Back Injury
✔ Rapidly dissipated lactic acid build up
✔ Increased Sports Efficiency
✔ Reduced Risk of Injury

Get the core and strength training that your body needs, NOW IS THAT TIME!

Why Amazing Core Fitness?
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Cap Ab Wheel

The cap Ab wheel is an easy-to-use piece of exercise equipment that can help strengthen core and tighten abdominal muscles. At the gym or in your own home, you can use the wheel to help work out your lower and upper back, hips, chest, arms, butt and legs. These wheels are portable and easy to store just about anywhere. Non-slip wheels provide stability and the contoured grip handles allow for a smooth and comfortable workout.

Use the Ab Circle Pro to Get Washboard Abs

ab circle pro

The Ab Circle Pro is the fast, easy way to help you get the flat washboard abs you’ve always wanted. The Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core from one side to another, front to back, a complete 360-degrees! It works out your upper, middle, and lower abs and obliques – all in one simple, fun, fat burning motion!

How Women Get Washboard Abs with the Ab Circle Pro

For women to get washboard abs isn’t as easy as performing a crunches or drinking a protein drink. A perfect combination of a consist fitness workout and a balanced diet is what it takes for a woman to get fat abs.
Body Fat Reduction
For a woman to get washboard abs, body fat needs to be reduced between 16 and 19 percent body fat, which is still a healthy body fat level particularly for athletes, but is far below what is considered the average healthier range of 22 to 33 percent.
The average American woman is an unhealthy 40 percent fat. Unless you’re already lean, achieving six-pack abs will take some work. Abdominal crunches, twists and planks won’t get a female to lean body fat levels. Only a precisely timed and portioned diet along with cardio, strength-training and appropriate rest will get you there.
Importance of Diet
When you are not at your desired weight, limiting desserts and having smaller meal portions will jump starts the weight loss process. However, to get washboard abs leaner, you will have to be far more exact in your workout routine.  Meals should consist mainly of vegetables and lean proteins.
Include fruit and who grains with on or two of your meals with a little healthy fat such as olive oil or avocados to balance your nutrition.  Due to you obtaining those fat abs, which requires a specific protein ratio, carbohydrates and fat. Be aware of restaurants and relatives and friends meals, because unknown additives and unhealthy fats, foods prepared in those meals.
Make Cardiovascular Workout Important
You must exercise to lose weight to get flat abs.  What happens is you will end up losing muscle and fat that can hinders the appearance of your abs.
You’ll have to get more serious about exercise than these recommendations to reach the body fat levels necessary for six-pack abs. Cardio exercise, such as running or rowing on an ergometer, is important to calorie burning.
A paper published in a 2011 issue of the Journal of Obesity concluded that high-intensity interval exercise is more effective than steady-state work when it comes to burning fat, especially visceral fat that sits deep in the abdominal wall and secretes inflammatory compounds.
To do your own high-intensity intervals, alternate all-out efforts with periods of easier effort. For example, warm up for five minutes and then alternate one minute of sprinting with one minute of walking for 20 minutes. Finish with a short cool down. Don’t do this workout every day, though, or you’ll risk burnout.Lift Heavy Weights
Strength-training is intrinsic to gaining a six-pack, even for a woman. When you lose weight without lifting weights, one-quarter of every pound you lose comes from valuable lean mass. Muscle takes more calories for your body to burn during activity and during rest, giving your metabolism a boost.
Aim to strength train a minimum of three times per week.

You’ll likely do one to three sets of multiple exercises for each major muscle group, including your chest, back, legs, hips, arms, shoulders and abs, using weights that make you feel tired by the last couple of reps in a set of eight to 12.

You might even strength train four or five days per week, alternating lower body and upper body workouts. Leave at least 48 hours of rest between muscle groups worked.
Abdominal exercises should be part of your strength-training routine. Moves such as the plank, side plank, bird dog and crunches are a start, but as you become stronger, introduce moves that include resistance such as kettlebell swings, standing trunk rotation and standing cable crunches. Aim to work the abs three to five times per week.
Genetic Limitations
It may not seem fair, but even if you do all the work and reduce your body fat level, you’re not guaranteed a six-pack. Some women’s genetics give them staggered abs that don’t appear as clear segments.
Your body type also determines how you build muscle and if your abs will appear. This doesn’t mean you should give up on exercise and a healthy diet, just keep your expectations realistic.
You can read more at how females get six pack abs.

How to Tone Abs Using the Ab Circle Pro

Learning how to tone abs can be achieved by following exercise routine.  By doing plank, just get into a push up position.  Place you feet hip width apart and your arms and shoulder with apart.

You can do these other exercises and include the ab circle pro on days you not doing these exercises.

  • You can do side planks
  • Squats
  • Standing crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Lower leg lifts

Next, you can introduce variations of the exercises, or new exercises, altering weeks.

Pilates are good as well.


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