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Kettlebell Gold’s Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable

Kettlebell Gold's Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable

Gold’s Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable Kettlebell Features

Features of the Gold’s Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable Kettlebell can super-charge your workout with this Gold’s Gym 20 lb kettlebell.  It includes five 3 lb weight plates. With this adjustable kettlebell is simple to adjust the weight from 5 to 20 lbs. according to the intensity you select. This sports kettlebell is compact and features with a 5 lb handle.  Also included with this Gold’s Gym 20 lb Kettlebell is a 20 minute workout DVD and an exercise chart. Gold’s Gym 20 lb adjustable kettlebell:  Five 3 lb weight plates, 5 lb handle, 20-minute workout DVD, and an exercise chart that enclosed with it.

Types of a Gold’s Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable Kettlebell and Barbell for Weightlifting

A Gold’s Gym Extreme 20 lb Adjustable Kettlebell and weighted barbell have been the primary standard of muscle building and increasing strength for many years.  They are used for weight training in bodybuilding, powerlifting, Crossfit, sports training and toning up.

Cast Iron Olympic Barbell Sets – Olympic weight sets often be your most affordable option {when picking|when choosing} commercial barbell sets. You will observe them in homes, schools and training studios. Cast flat iron Olympic plates are coated with either a dark or gray baked on enamel and can be cast into a thin line, deep dish or a plate that has a series of reference holes for easier launching and unloading in the gym. Olympic bars are 7′ long and typically weigh in around forty-five lbs. and are normally followed by a pair of spring collars.

Bumper Dish Barbell Sets – Barbell sets with bumper dishes are available with dark or colored solid rubber material bumper plates as well as your choice of Olympic bar. The colored bumpers often identify each plate weight and also helps brighten up your weight room. Not really all of these dish options are solid rubber material. Some brands, such as Hampton Fitness, prefer to mold solid rubber around a cast iron primary. This can make for a far more compact bumper dish for loading more weight on the line.

Group Fitness Barbell Sets – Barbells for group fitness have gained a great deal of traction the previous several years in group training classes. Group fitness weight sets usually incorporate a hollow barbell bar, varied smaller size barbell dishes  with or without reference holes and a collection of barbell collars that are fast and simple and fast to use. Manufacturers coat these group barbells in vibrant colored rubber material, urethane and vinyl to help protect floors and keep plates quiet. These types of sets are usually purchased with a group training barbell rack that keep your entire bars, plates and collars in an one compact footprint and can be easily moved around the studio via casters.

Urethane material Barbells – Urethane housed barbell sets offer the same solid steel building as the steel weight sets but have additional good thing about a protective polyurethane covering. Urethane is better than rubber in that there is no odor and there is no great or peeling. It is a much more resistant coating compared to vinyl fabric, neoprene and rubber and is better suited for hard core commercial fitness centers.

RKC Russian Kettlebell Benefits

Before getting into the RKC Russian kettlebell benefits, read some information about the design and details of it.  The Russian kettlebell is a portable weight or girya (Russian: ги́ря).  It is a heavy solid metal or cast steel weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle.  You can use the kettlebell to perform ballistic activities that join cardiovascular, quality and adaptability training.

The Russian kettlebell is additionally the essential hardware utilized as a part of the weight lifting game of girevoy game.  Russian portable weights are generally measured in weight by pood which is a Russian unit of weight equivalent to 16.4 kilograms or 36.1 pounds.

RKC Russian Kettlebell Performs Ballistic Exercises

The RKC Russian Kettlebell performs ballistic exercises and is the ideal choice for women wishing to quickly accelerate their body fat-loss, toning, shaping and overall strength.  It is perfectly designed to give you years of explosive gains in strength, endurance and power.

How to Use Kettlebells for Complete Body Workout

You can learn how to use kettlebells for a complete body workout by following this routine called Kettlebell Single Handed Swing.  It targets your muscles such as your shoulders, back core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  This routine is slightly more challenging for your abdominal muscles and shoulder stability than the two handed swing.

There are many videos about kettlebell exercises.  Watch the following 10 minute total body workout:


Russian Kettlebell Features and Related Items

Add the official RKC Russian Kettlebell to your arsenal of fitness equipment.  It is durable, resilient and perfectly designed as military-grade.   The 12kg kettlebell featured here is a dragon door model.

Get all your strength training from the RKC Russian Kettlebell collection online.  Just click Amazon button below.


RKC Russian Kettlebell – (22 lbs / 10 kg) (Dragon Door)

Dragon Door’s 10kg/22lb RKC Kettlebell is an Excellent Choice for Young Adults or Women Who Want to Quickly Transform their Physical Shape.

Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline have designed a 10kg/22lb RKC Kettlebell which is uniquely suited to women’s exercise needs.

While most women will begin with Dragon Door’s specially designed 18lb kettlebell, our 22lb kettlebell gives you faster, more powerful results by more dramatically challenging your body to burn extra fat and build denser muscle.

CanDo Vinyl-Coated Kettlebell, Red, 7.5 Pound

Vinyl coated, color-coded cast iron kettlebells are ideal for rehabilitation, strength training and toning. Each kettlebell has vibrant colors making it easy to identify weights. The coating on the weights reduces the potential for floor scratching. The CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebells are marked both in pounds and kilograms. Available in 8 weights from 5 to 30 pounds.

CanDo 10-3199 Vinyl-Coated Kettlebell, 5-piece Set

Vinyl coated, color-coded cast iron kettlebells are ideal for rehabilitation, strength training and toning. Each kettlebell has vibrant colors making it easy to identify weights. The coating on the weights reduces the potential for floor scratching. The CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebells are marked both in pounds and kilograms. Available in 8 weights from 5 to 30 pounds.

Hers 30 Satin Kettle Weight Kit

Kettlebells and kettlebell training have been around for hundreds of years, and because of the intense workout’s they provide, they are now a staple tool in many fitness buffs arsenal. This Hers 30lb. kit by Impex Fitness includes one 5lb., one 10lb., and one 15lb., vinyl coated kettle bell. The benefits to kettlebell training are many, including targeting all major muscle groups, strengthening core and abdominal muscles, toning and defining muscles, burning fat and losing weight, increasing overall strength and endurance and increasing flexibility. The large comfortable handles allows for easy grasping during your circuit training routine. A two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects is also included.

Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit

Kettlenetics was created by international fitness sensation Michelle Khai, a lifelong fitness advocate, former professional dancer and all-star celebrity trainer. Kettlenetics is a totally unique, dance inspired exercise program that uses the kBell to swing, slim and sculpt your entire body strong and slender. The easy flowing moves are set to incredible, upbeat music, for fast, fun, total body slimming.

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