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Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, White

Get the “V-Cut” and Workout like the Pros

The Perfect Multi-Gym Pro will transform your doorway and your body. Perform 3 kinds of pullups (Wide, Close and Hammer Grip) and then turn it over to do pushups, situps or dips. Use your body weight to get the strong and lean body you’ve always wanted.

Get the “V-Cut”
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Wide Angled Grip
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Wide Angled Grip

Our wide grip handle is angled which allows you to comfortably perform wide grip pullups. This key pullup movement will help you achieve the “V-Cut” look with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

Adjustable Design + Heavy Duty Construction

The Perfect Multi-Gym Pro adjusts in height to help ensure a secure fit in your doorframe. Fits a wide range of door frames from 27” to 35” wide. Built to last construction with 300 lb weight limit.

Helps Protect Doorframe

Our patented door frame guards use a unique flat design with thick foam pads to help protect your doorframe. The Multi-Gym Pro is easy to install and does not require any drilling in your doorframe.

Target Muscles

The multi-functional nature of this equipment means you can target your arms, chest, core or back. Our workouts include variations on basic movements to ensure you maximize muscle engagement.

Download our workout at
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The Power of Push – Pull – Sit

These U. S. Navy SEAL inspired workouts will help you transform your body. By integrating pushes, pulls and situp exercises you will get a total upper body and core strengthening workout. Remember, this is about slow controlled movements and quality form. It is not about quantity. Download the Perfect Multi-Gym workout from our website, www. perfectonline. com.

Perfect Form Checklist
  • HEAD – Neutral position, ears in-line with shoulders and spine
  • BACK – Straight, in-line with neck and hips
  • CORE – Contract abs, pull navel toward spine
  • PACE – 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down
  • BREATHING – Exhale on way up, inhale on way down

Goplus® Wall Mounted Pull Up ChinUp Bar Multi Function Home Gym Exercise Fitness

This is our new pull up bar, which makes work more effective, as well as adds strength and tone to the entire abdominal section. With ample padding and heavy duty steel construction, our sit up board provides stability for simple exercises and is ideal for you to more easily emphasize lower abdominal muscles and build the abs you want in less time. Welcome! High quality with competitive price can be realized here!


1. Simple Assembly is required according to included instruction.

2. Please warm up fully before training to avoid physical injury.

3. Your wall/installation must be strong enough to hold your weight. Please consider the weight capacity of your wall or installation.

ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Lite Doorway Chin-up Pull-Up Bar

ProSource is proud to introduce a new piece of workout equipment that will make a great addition to your at home training program, The ProSource Easy Gym Lite Doorway Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar is not only perfect for chin-up exercises but it can also be used as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches. It adjusts to fit most standard width doorframes, and the bar will support up to 220 pounds of weight when mounted properly. ProSource Comfort Grip Technology grips are secured to the bar to minimize hand fatigue. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware (tools not included). Train like a Pro, Train with ProSource

Iron Gym Express Chin-Up Bar

Transform your doorway into a gym. Iron Gym Express is the multi-function exercise bar you can use to do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, arm and shoulder exercises. The Iron Gym Express uses your body’s own resistance to deliver powerful results fast. It strengthens and tones you biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and abs. This easy to use equipment instantly attaches to or removes from your door frame with no drilling or tools required. The steel construction supports up to 270 pounds. Iron Gym Express

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Professional-grade comfort foam grips
  • Attaches and removed from door frame in seconds
  • No drilling, tools, or fasteners required
  • Fits all standard door frames (24- to 32-inches wide)
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Rubber wall protector
  • Platinum metallic paint finish
  • Includes The Ultimate Upper Body Workout and Nutrition Guide
  • Comes with Ab Straps Mail-In offer

Wacces® Doorway Chin Up, Sit Up, Pull up and Push up Bar! + Ab Strap

CHIN UP PULL UP SIT UP BAR ultimate doorway gym is a multifunction training system that raises the bar on upper body exercise. Now you can turn any door into your own personal gym in just seconds. Its unique design wraps around your door frame and uses leverage so there are no screws and no damage to your door. Begin your routine in the doorway with chin-ups and pull-ups to develop and strengthen your shoulders, arms, back and lats. Take your Gym to the floor for deep push-ups and a greater range of motion without strain on your wrists.Gym,s sturdy base is ideal for triceps dips on the floor. Finish your workout at the base of your door with gut-blasting crunches for rock-hard abs and obliques. Plus, with 3 different grip position narrow grip, wide grip and neutral you can switch up your routine and keep challenging your muscles.

Ollieroo® Doorway Chin up Pull up Bar Home Gym Health & Fitness Exercise Trainer Machine

Traditional pull-ups are hard, but the Ollieroo Pull Up Bar revolutionary adjustable arm brings the bar down to you. Now, almost anyone can do pull-ups and even more!

Ollieroo Doorway Pull Up Bar can be attached easily to your door at home or work while maintaining the door fully functional.

This affordable yet sturdy pull up bar will allow you to perform an array of exercises targeting upper body muscles.


Material: Steel tube + EVA Sponge + Rubber

Main Color: Silvery white

Range of application: 24.41″-39.37″ (62-100cm)

Max load: 220lbs (100kg)

Please note the the shortest of the range application, the max of loading weight

Package includes :

1 set of Doorway Pull Up Bar

Functional Fitness Deluxe Multi Purpose Doorway Pull Up Bar/Home Gym – Easy to Install Hallway Door Gym – Pull Ups, Dips – Full Body Workout from the Comfort of Your Home -100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pull-ups are touted as the best all-around upper body exercise on the planet. Our Two Deluxe Multi Purpose Pull Up Bar is versatile and easy to install, so you can strengthen and tone your arms, back, chest and core with one piece of equipment, just like the basic. Consider adding a Functional Fitness pull up assistance band for extra help getting over the bar..

Rubberbanditz Social Outreach
We are a quadruple bottom line company (People, Planet, Profit, Power) fitness innovation company who is making a global health footprint. Through our community outreach projects, we encourage inclusion, accessibility and enthusiasm for exercise. We use our bands, bodies and minds to break down barriers to fitness through group-facilitated training sessions and by supporting like-minded community organizations. 5% of this sale will be used to fund our current outreach project in Kibera, Kenya.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar

The Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press is the ultra strong pull up bar that provides a full range of motion and compliments the look of your home. Standing 30″ from the wall, the new XL bar gives ample room for CrossFit style HIIT exercises including toes to bar, kipping pull ups, muscle ups and more. The XL is built tough enough for commercial duty yet it’s designed to look incredible in your home gym with a white powdercoat finish and high contrast black bar. It’s a powerful take on pull up bar design that sets the right tone for frequent workouts. We engineered more than just the look, the XL is all steel construction featuring perfect welds over box section triangulated wall supports, high contact area 5mm mounting plates, and strategically located mounting holes. The 1.25″ steel bar through-bolts to the wall supports so you can throw everything you have at it – even in commercial settings. The bar also features our new hammertone texture finish that provides ideal grip support while still being easy on your fingers and palms. For beginners working up to their first pull up with assisted variations and experienced users looking for new bodyweight exercises, The XL is an ideal anchor for bar accessories like Ab Straps, Push Up Rings and Suspension Trainers so you can get full workouts right from day one. Mounting could not be easier, 48″ on-center wall brackets work perfectly for homes with either 16″ or 24″ wall studs or joists for ceiling mount. Multiple bars can be also be bolted together to form extended pull up stations for commercial applications. Complete assembly instructions and mounting hardware are included and all Ultimate Body Press gear comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order your XL Wall Mount Pull Up Bar today.

Farabi Pull up Bar Straps Wrist Support Weight Lifting Gym Hook Exercise

The heavy-duty metal 2.7″ wide hooks coated with a non-slip material, the wrist supports are made with 1/4″ thick and 2.8″wide neoprene. The 2″ outside strap and durable buckle ensure a secure grip. Padded neoprene wrist strap allow you to hold onto much heavier weights and get more reps. FARABI Hooks are an excellent choice for anybody who is serious about building muscle mass. Customise your fit with the adjustable hook positioning loops.

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