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CAP Barbell Doorway Upper Body Workout Bar

The cap Xtreme doorway gym is a multi-functional exerciser that can be used in the top of the door frame for pull ups and bottom of door frame for sit ups, or on the floor for push ups. Includes non-slip foam grips for comfort and slip resistance. Sleek, compact, and economical design makes it ideal for travel and home use.


With the Reactor Aerobar, you can have the built that you always wanted. This strength training equipment has a unique style of exercise by opposing the force of an unstable weight. Featuring the reactor bars easy grip handle and rubber padded tips, you can conveniently hold on to it while exercising. Whats more? The bar highlights its sturdy composite material that can give you 250 muscle contractions in just one minute. Very ideal for enhancing strength, aerobic conditioning, rehab, sport-specific training and general fitness! Plus, enjoy 1 year manufacturers warranty and free shipping when you buy this product. Buy only the professional gym equipment. Buy your very own Reactor Aerobar today!

Lifeline Power Up Chin-Up

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Pull-ups are a classic way to gain definition in your arms, back and core using your own body weight as resistance. From pull-ups to hanging knee-ups, the Power Up Chin-Up is a fast and effective way to sculpt and define. What’s best, it weighs less than a pound, making it convenient to carry with you. Simply attach it to any door and you’re ready to go. Gain definition in your arms, back and shoulders with chin ups and pull ups. Sculpt and define abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back with hanging knee ups!

– Two Power Up Chin Up Units
– Two foam rips and instructions
– Two wrist cushions
– Instruction manual

– Take your extreme training anywhere
– Develop serious pull up power
– Easy for travel – throw in your bag

– Take your extreme training anywhere – use instead of chin up bar
– Strengthen arms, chest, back and shoulders with chin ups or pull ups
– Sculpt core muscles with hanging exercises
– Easy to attach/detach to most doors
– Portable and lightweight for the gym, home, or travel

Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press is the perfect pull up bar for your basement or home garage gym. This joist mounted pull up bar can be installed anywhere there is an exposed beam or joist and you will not have to sacrifice any floor space. The pull up bar includes mounting hardware and instructions for quick and easy installation. Once installed you have a heavy duty pull up bar with multiple grip options. The Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Pull Up Bar comes with thick foam padded grips, but if you prefer you can remove the foam to expose the textured knurled steel grips underneath. You can use this pull up bar for wide grip pull ups, chin-ups, neutral grip pull ups, hanging knees raises. The joist mount pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press also makes an excellent anchor point for gymnastic rings or other suspension training products. Installing a pull up bar in your home is one of the best things you could do to keep you and your entire family strong and healthy. Add Pull Up Bar exercises to your training and workout consistently at least twice a week for 20-40 minutes and you are guaranteed to get stronger and improve your body image.

Above the Door Chin up Bar

Use for wide grip or close grip pull ups. Professional quality. 15 degree down angle at ends. Can be mounted on any wall using a 2″ x 4″ wood plate. Can be mounted reverse as shown in the picture for reverse grip pull ups. Same day shipping if order is placed in the morning. Made out of heavy 14 gauge material not light weight 16 gauge material.

ProSource Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Chin-Up / Pull-Up Bar 300lb Capacity

The Heavy Duty Wallmount Chin-up Pull-up Bar from ProSource provides an inexpensive way to tone and build muscles at home, without large equipment. Can be installed on cement wall or wooden wall and it comes with hardware for both cement and wood surfaces. Thanks to the gym’s multi-position design, you will be able to develop your back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abdominal compound muscles with one simple piece of equipment. In addition to traditional pull-ups and chin-ups, the bar allows you to perform closed-wide angle and hammer grips. Constructed out of high-grade steel. The bar’s maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Wacces® Ab Straps for the Iron Gym Total Body Workout Bar

Forget about running to the gym and paying through your hard earned money, now you can exercise from the convenience of your own doorway- literally. While burning muscle and trimming fat. Forget about back-breaking sit-ups, these Ab Straps can turn drill instructors.
Product Features

Perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts
Made with thick padded lining, high-end fabrics, heavy nylon straps, and mountaineering-grade steel carabineer
Mounts to the Perfect Pullup Bar and most other pullup bars

Tone and strengthen your abs while using the Iron Gym workout bar with this pair of ab straps. Also compatible with the Iron Gym Xtreme, the straps hang underneath your arms while attached to the bar, letting you perform hanging leg raises to work your upper, lower, and side abs. The ab straps are perfect for home workout enthusiasts.
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Iron Core Athletics Door Mount Pull Up Bar with Two sets of mounting brackets for multi purpose use

Iron Core Athletics Pull Up Bars are the ideal solution for those serious about their workouts. Constructed of the highest quality materials, this solution is built to last. Body weight training is taking the world by storm, join us in the pursuit of building true core strength in just minutes a day.

Included in this package :

— High quality Door Mount Pull Up Bar with dense foam handles for comfort
— Two sets of mounting brackets allowing for set up at both top and bottom of door jam allowing same bar to be used for Pull Ups, Sit Ups, as well as other strength and stretching routines using exercise bands

Why Iron Core Athletics

Iron Core Athletics is a leader in providing equipment targeted at building Core strength with high quality products at a fair price. We offer an industry leading 60 Day No Questions Asked return policy and warranty all of our products against defects for an entire year.

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