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SWAT Fuel’s 9mm Fat Burn Formula: Energy Supplements

9mm P Endurance Formula
Endurance Formula for Workouts to Burn Fat
For Workouts to Burn Fat for Lasting Endurance






Description of SWAT Fuel’s 9mm Energy Supplements — Helps Workouts to Burn Fat

9mm Fat Burn Formula9mm Fat Burn Formula. The formula has a proprietary mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vasodilators and stimulants make it easier to reach an ultimate level of extreme degree of strength to finish your workouts.

It consistently sustains your energy level by helping you access fat as a fuel source that stretches your energy storage longer.  Glucose stabilizers keep you from craving glucose and crashing post activity.

SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula combines nutrients for workouts to burn fat that:

  • Increase intensity and power
  • Helps you build lean muscle mass
  • Decreases insulin secretion
  • Stabilizes glucose
  • Increases blood flow
  • Allows utilize fat and protein as fuel better
  • Slows down the depletion of glycogen stored
  • Increases endurance

SWAT Fuel’s 9mm Fat Burn Formula — Lasting Energy for Workouts to Burn Fat

To one’s surprise, the SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn is a successful formula, which is a 3-in-1 combination providing energy and for pre workouts to burn fat. It can help build a great fit and lean body.
The formula does not give you jitters or energy crashes that may occur a few hours of use.  You get lasting results for approximately 8 hours.
You can use it simply for:
  • Energy and stamina
  • Fitness routine or training
  • Staying awake
The formula is designed for athletes or a physically active person.  It is free of gluten, dairy/egg, soy and gimmick free with a 10 year expiration date from manufacture.
If your primary goal is  to use it for workouts to burn fat, then you should choose this formula version over the 9mm+P Endurance Formula.
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GLYCO-MUSCLE FUELER – High Performance Carbohydrates

A premier carbohydrate is designed for people who need high energy and fast absorbing carbohydrates that give your body concentrated, clean, sustainable and sugar free energy that lasts two hours.


GLYCO-MUSCLE FUELER – High Performance Carbohydrates – Powered by Karbolyn, Energy Fuel Matrix, Glycogen Load Matrix – Absorbs Faster and Provides 2 Hours of Clean Energy – 600g by PNP Supplements


It is fast to absorb carbohydrates.  Absorbs quicker than traditional carbohydrate options to load your glycogen stores and fuel your performance faster and more effectively.
It has high power carbohydrate source:  Glyco-Muscle Fueler is powered by Karbolyn, which is  a very dense and concentrated type of carbohydrate.  The gram for gram of energy concentration is far greater in terms of energy output than conventional carbohydrate sources and provides sustained energy up to two hours including being completely free of sugar, gluten and stimulants.

High Quality Carbohydrate and Nutrient Absorption:  Includes an exclusive all in one glycogen-loading matrix to optimize the body’s natural insulin response and promote greater utilization of carbohydrates and nutrients.

It’s much more than carbohydrates:  Glyco-Muscle Fueler’s Energy Fuel Matrix supports three types of energy to optimize your body’s entire energy potential:

  • Provides ATP for a quick energy supply.
  • Fast absorbing carbohydrates to keep your muscles fueled
  • Supports fat metabolization and oxygen utilization, your body own best source of energy

Improves other Supplements: It passes through the stomach quickly and pulls water and other ingredients along with it, which improves the effects of Glyco-Muscle Fueler.
Prevents Cramps: Glyco-Muscle Fueler offers a FULL spectrum of electrolytes to keep your body functioning properly during prolonged physical activity.

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XPI DVXPro Liquid (3 Pack) – Enhance Your Muscles – Improve Strength

XPI DVXPro Liquid (3 Pack) – Enhance Your Muscles – Improve Strength is an ultimate natural alternative supplement to boost strength and achieve your athletic goals. Its unique substance has nourishing compounds of zinc, calcium, glucosamine, amino acids. These compounds included in XPI DVXPro that are proven to offer many benefits to the athletic body.

The XPI DVXPro Liquid supplement will improve your body as follows:

  • Strength and Muscular Build
  • Enhanced Muscle Growth
  • Rapid Recovery Time and Prevent Injury
  • Builds Strength with Longer Endurance
  • Improves Immunity
  • Helps Delays the Onset of Muscle Soreness

Using this workout supplement as your health regimen can help you reach your maximal anaerobic and aerobic performance level at every workout. It helps to delay the onset of muscle soreness and all the listed benefits indicated above as you exercise for better results in less time.

If you are thinking about purchasing XPI DVXPro Liquid (3 Pack) – Enhance Your Muscles – Improve Strength, I highly suggest you buy it online through Amazon currently on sale.


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