Benefits for Men: Push-ups can be performed at home with FBD 101’s push-up hand grips there is no need for expensive exercise equipment, which can save you money on a gym membership. Performing pushups stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the rest of your workout. Many who include pushups in their workout routine find that they are able to reach their fitness goals more easily than those following workouts that rely on other methods. Push-ups allow you to provide a full body workout, allowing you to access many muscle groups at once. You will notice that performing push up reps regularly will help you get a more toned chest, shoulders, forearms, upper arms and wrists.

Benefits for Women: Push-ups help you exercise the chest, abdominals and lower back while building strength in the quadriceps, eliminating your need to perform a wide variety of other exercises. Women often prefer performing push-ups to performing other weight lifting, stretching or cardiovascular exercises that would help them get the same results. Women can work on a large variety of muscle groups at once, helping them get more out of workout. Push-ups allow women to stretch back and biceps while toning the triceps, chest and deltoids. FBD 101’s push-up pull-up bar and ab wheel combo is a great addition to your home exercise regimen.

Core Strength Benefits Dedication to the ab wheel can strengthen your core, making it a valuable addition to your ab-building workout regimen. Having a strong core is about more than just showing off six-pack muscles at the beach. Harvard Medical School notes a strong core can help you execute everyday tasks such as bending, turning and standing upright. If you play sports, a strong core can help you excel. Strength in these muscles also contributes to improved posture and reduced risk of lower-back pain.

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