These push up handles are terrific for upper body workouts. Push ups can target your chest, shoulders, and back muscles. They are also known to improves strength in your upper body, arms, legs, and stomach. The foam handles aid in comfort and the foam covered handle grips are comfortable and slip resistant. A convenient and easy way to get a quick upper body workout anywhere on the go!

The shape is simple,safe,comfortable,lightweight,durable.Traditional training mothods and the profect combination of modern fitness products.


– Strong and safe, durable chrome steel bars and comfortable foam handle

– Bar diameter of 22mm (~ 7/8 inch) ,each bar can hold 100kg (220lb)

– No parts, welds or joins – means no assembly required and no parts to break or fall off

– They are stable and high-performance comfort


– They are compact light weight push up bars that travel with you wherever you go

– They provide a safe and sturdy pushup platform

– They give you a challenging workout that you can do anywhere without having to go to the gym

– They relieve stress on your wrists

– They won’t slip on non-carpeted surfaces

– They can be easily stored out of the way when not in use

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