FeelinGirl waist trimmer is awesome! The Velcro holds super tight and allows you to move freely without worrying about the belt coming undone.
The belt which prevents it from slipping and sliding and rolling up on you whole working out or doing daily tasks.
This belt to family and friends that are looking to shed a few extra pounds or aid them in their daily workout or just to give their back that extra support while working.Who ever said that you can’t lose a few inches while supporting your back and working.
Overall, a great product and a great company to buy from. They have terrific customer service and will help with any problems or questions you may have!
To ensure quality product, please look for the FeelinGirl Brand.
FeelinGirl Waist Trimmer Belt Size Chart:
S: Length: 33.8 inches, Fit Natural Waist 26 inches – 33.8 inches
M: Length: 37.8 inches, Fit Natural Waist 29.9 inches – 37.8 inches
L: Length: 41.7 inches, Fit Natural Waist 33.8 inches – 41.7 inches
XL: Length: 45.6 inches, Fit Natural Waist 37.8 inches – 45.6 inches
XXL: Length: 49.6 inches, Fit Natural Waist 41.7 inches – 49.6 inches
FeelinGirl Waist Trimmer Belt Size Chart has been updated from Feb.17,2016

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