Whether you want toreduce back stress or fatigue or stimulate your blood circulation, the IronmanGravity 4000 inversion table makes a great household accessory.
With this inversion therapy, you can relieve thestress on your lower back. Stress and fatiguecan harm your back. The inversion table will help you take the pressure offyour spine and reduce back stress helping you to feel loose and relaxed.
With this heavy-duty table, you can increase blood flow to your lower spine, increase body flexibility, and may help with posture.
SKU: 51030010
Material: Nylon Safety
Weight: 50 Lbs
Size: 57″ * 49″ * 29″
Adjustable User Heights: 4’10” – 6’6″
Dimension Of The Foam Pad: 39.4”X 15.4”(L X W)
Weight Capacity: 300lbs Max
People who have heart disease, high blood pressure,eye diseases or pregnant are at high risk for dangers of using inversion tabletherapy.

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