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Color: Black & Orange

Size: 19cm*13cm*13cm

Function: Muscle Relax Apparatus


– This set is designed for high-performance comfort with ergonomic grips & handles. Now you can take your push-ups to the extreme level

– With this push-up stands, It will give you a great range of motion during push- up, helping your muscles develop much more efficient

– With this,strengthen and sculpt your shoulders, chest, arms and back.Reduce stress on wrists

– Push up bars easily collapse so you can take your workout with you anywhere you go


– They are compact light weight push up bars that travel with you wherever you go

– They provide a safe and sturdy pushup platform

– They give you a challenging workout that you can do anywhere without having to go to the gym

– They relieve stress on your wrists

– They won’t slip on non-carpeted surfaces

– The shape is simple,safe,comfortable,lightweight,durable.Traditional training mothods and the profect combination of modern fitness products

Package Included:

1 pair of Push-up Stands (Retail package)

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