Get a Total-Body Workout with Power Gliderz – Advanced Gliding Discs

The new Iron Bull Strength’s gliding discs are your fully versatile and portable piece of accessory to get a full body workout anywhere, anytime. These workout sliding discs are double sided to use on both carpet floors and hard floors (wood/ceramic/tiles). This pack of (2) sliding discs is a great overall muscle building and conditioning accessory for lower body, upper body and core workouts.

Who can benefit from using gliding discs?

Whether you’re a regular trainee, an advanced lifter or a beginner, using the Power Gliderz gliding discs will bring variation to your regular workout routine and allows you to perform exercises that are otherwise impossible to perform.

Main Features:

-2 Sided, Versatile Design for Use on Carpets and Hard Floors.

-Target Specific Muscle Groups or Workout the Entire Body.

-Sturdy Design for Maximum Performance and Durability.

-Extremely Lightweight, Fully Portable and Easy to Use.

The Perfect Gliding Discs for Any Type Of Workout!

Just like all our other products, we strive to give you the best quality products on the market at an affordable price. We are so confident in our weight lifting accessories that we offer a 1 year free no-hassle replacement guarantee.

Maximize Your Training with these Workout Sliding Discs Today!

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