This is the Goplus inversion table. An inversion table is a gravitational device that will help you achieve this by placing you in the required “inverted” state. With this inversion table, you can relieve the stress on your lower back, and relieve pressure on the discs and nerve roots. With this heavy-duty table, you can increase blood flow to your lower spine, increase body flexibility. Your discs will recover lost moisture and to return to their original shape.

Brand new and good quality.

Heavy-duty construction and steel frame

Improves blood circulation and posture

Decompresses spinal discs

Reduces back pain

Full 180 degree inversion

3 Position roller hinge allows speed control and rotation

Increases body flexibility

Table folds for easy storage

Fights compression fatigue

E-brake offer convenience for some people with waist problem

Nylon Safety strap for assisted safety

Easy to grip handles for safety and support

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