FAST EFFECTIVE WORKOUT Finally! There is home fitness equipment that really does give you professional gym quality results in the comfort of your own home. It’s the IsoCoreX. The IsoCoreX push up bars utilizes the magic of functional fitness to give you the fastest and best results. Functional fitness uses the resistance of your own body weight to work multiple muscle groups at the same time, giving you far better results in a shorter time. The IsoCorex is like push up bars on steroids – giving you the intense workout that you expect from push up bars, but cranked up to challenge all the muscle groups of your chest and upper body, as well as your abs. Whether your fitness level is beginner or a seasoned athlete, the IsoCoreX system push up bars gives users more intense contractions and unlimited movement that cannot be found in traditional push up bars. The IsoCoreX far out performs traditional push up bars which are only able to work one set of muscles at a time. Instead, the IsoCoreX achieves true functional fitness by using your own body weight as resistance. This process of stabilization exercises works many groups of muscles at the same time, to get the best workout possible, in the shortest period of time. Get Fit in Minutes a Day Just minutes a day can give you a complete chest, ab and lat workout that really tones, strengthens and increases mobility. Combine this with the 6 weeks with IsoCoreX workout program and you get a results driven, full cardio workout as well. The IsoCoreX is easy to store, just slide it under the bed or put in the dresser drawer. It is also much more affordable and effective than gym memberships or any of the bulky, exercise machines that take up half your bedroom. Order your IsoCoreX with the 6 Weeks with IsoCoreX Program today and see how easy it is to get back into shape and stay that way!

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