Roll your way to washboard abs.

Jumbl’s awesome dual-wheel ab roller speeds up your fitness regimen by introducing anumber of explosive moves. The simple rolling motions strengthen and tone your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and entire core. And the most positive side effect? Chiseled shoulders, shredded arms, and a defined V-shape back. In fact, it delivers a full body workout that greatly contributes to your overall fitness and improves your posture. There are very few fitness devices out there that are as affordable and as no-nonsense as this.

Dual wheels. No wobble.

The Jumbl ab wheel is designed with two full-size wheels so you experience a smooth, wobble-free roll both way. The enhanced stability enables you to focus on mastering the effective moves instead of wrestling with the device itself.

A roll of health benefits.

In addition to strengthening and toning your abs, obliques and core, the ab wheel increases basal metabolic rate, betters sporting performance, lowers risk of back injury, rapidly dissipates lactic acid buildup, and increases sports efficiency.

Low learning curve.

No training necessary: Start on hands and knees. Grasp the handles. Roll the ab wheel straight out away from your knees. Support your weight on the handles and your knees while maintaining your back and head in a straight line.

Have fun. Exercise care.

Start slowly; progress gradually as your strength increases. As the ab wheel really works your core hard, don’t overdo it. Just a few minutes a day will strengthen your core. Not advised for use by individuals with lower back problems or hernias.

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