Ultimate Strength Training Equipment

Don’t you know the secret behind powerful grips, toned upper arms and solid six-pack abs?

There you go. Our push-up bars stand behind the secret of strong and ideal body of professional athletes.

Now you can maximize your hand and wrist strength without experiencing unnecessary discomfort. Our push up bars keep your wrists in the neutral position, thus lessen the pressure on your wrist, and distribute it equally on your hands and forearms.

Plus, doing push up is a killer core workout. Your lower body loves push-ups. Burn out fat and cellulite in your thighs and legs while engage your core to strengthen and tone it up.

High quality push-up bars

Provide reliable support to work out your triceps and upper chest, abs and legs.  Handles are covered with soft black foam for slip resistance and added comfort – Great to protect hands from becoming rough and forming blister. Sturdy construction is built to last, support the whole body for best training results.

Hard rubber legs keep you stable on any surface, no slipping, help you maintain strong grips and right posture. This no-slip base guarantees safety and stability during your training.

Compact and portable

The push-up pair weighs aprox. 1 lb 5oz with compact design for easy storage and transport.

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