This Adjustable Back Stretcher makes stretching your back safe, easy and affordable. All you have to do is lie down, relax and let the back stretcher improve your flexibility and melt away unwanted lower back tension. Easily adjustable, the Lightwave Back Stretcher is a perfect fit for people of all shapes, sizes and flexibilities. Acupressure dots on the stretcher provide a unique massaging sensation guaranteed to help flush out back tension and core stiffness. Whether you have chronic back pain, minor back stiffness or just have tired back muscles from sitting all day, our Adjustable Back Stretcher starts working immediately to remove pain and restore function. Recommended by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists, the back stretcher is all you’ll ever need to get rid of annoying back discomfort. It is also lightweight and portable so you can relieve muscle tension and tightness in a matter of minutes at home, at work or on the go. Make stretching your back safe, easy and affordable.

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