Compensating for Gravity’s pull on the human body, with the aid of the modern BodySlant, is extremely safe and comfortable for everyone. Indeed, it’s as easy as laying on a bed – because that’s what it is-a super-firm, multifunctional, piece of furniture. The Newton Bodyslant is a great alternative to the yoga swing, inversion swing or inversion tables. Most people may find hanging at a 90 degree intimidating. A yoga swing or inversion swing requires a certain level of flexibility and physical fitness to get in an out of it. An inversion table can be heavy to move around and most people find they don’t have the space for it. Also, hanging by your ankles may be uncomfortable and is not good for those with joint problems or those who have had hip replacement or knee replacement. The newton bodyslant can convert into 5 positions including an ottoman, so it can be part of your home furniture.You will be more likley to use your inversion equipment if you don’t have to store it in a closet or garage after use. As they say “out of sight, ot of mind”!

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