This multi-functional decline/incline exercise tool is a sit up bench needed for people looking to tone and burn fat in their core area effectively and ergonomically.

The bench provides the perfect platform to perform a wide range of ab exercises from sit-ups to crunches, reverse crunches and twists. It features 4 incline positions to offer your routine an extra boost to build your core that can grow as your abs grow.

Since there are four levels, this bench is perfect for the novice looking to get into shape or even the pro who’s wants to stay there!  The extra-long PU wrapped roller pads with chrome end caps make the machine extremely durable and lightweight while offering a comfortable and effective workout. It also features an ultra-thick and extra-long back cushion to support your back for ultimate comfort and spinal protection. As an added work-out bonus, this sit up bench comes with a pair of resistance bands to boost your entire body and strength training.

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