Reinforced Metal Ax Handle

• Ergonomically designed for both long term and short term exercise without uncomfortable strain on hands and fingers allowing for a longer workout and more immediate results

• Engineered with optimum safety in mind to withstand weight and pressure from exercising without bending or snapping guaranteed

• Grooved Design provides comfortable support for a variety of exercises including but not limited to:

◦ Rollouts ◦ Planks ◦ Standing Rollouts ◦ Stretches ◦ Pelvic Control ◦ Decline Rollouts ◦ Leg Roll-Ins (Piques)

Gripped Rubber Roller Wheels

• Ensure the perfect amount of resistance to get the most out of each muscle and every repetition

• Durable rubber material prevents unwanted slipping, skidding, or shifting for ultimate confidence and safety while exercising

• Flawless adherence to the targeted range of motion guarantees the exact workout desired for quicker observable results

Revolutionary Design

• Lightweight build allows storage and use with ease and convenience

• Works to align the spine and balance the core while strengthening muscle tension and density

• Sturdy build enhances core stability for extra toning and definition

• Bolsters coordination from multiple muscle systems simultaneously for a more thorough workout

Healthy and Comfortable exercising

• Lose fat rapidly and with ease without unnecessary or unhealthy strain or tension to prevent injuries and sprains

• Gain eye-catching muscle definition at an accelerated rate

• Promotes a faster metabolism and lower back / hip flexor strength with increased and regular use

• Far more superior and efficient than crunches and other typical core workout equipment for abs

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