PowerBlock Elite 50 Set’s weight ranges from 5 t0 50 lbs. on each hand and is expandable to 70, 90 or 130 lbs. on each hand. This set also replaces 16 pairs dumbbells in space of 1. It is also USA made and carries a 10 year warranty.

Here are additional features:

  • Each dumbbell weight settings in lbs. ranges from 2.5 through 50
  • Powerblock Elite 70 or Powerblock Elite 90 optional
  • Easy to read color coded chart printed on the dumbbell in selecting your weight level
  • The Powerblock Elite 50 is in the classic series along with padded wrist handle support

Issues with other adjustable dumbbells are long and bulky, however, the Powerblock Elite 50 is designed as selecting a lower weight than the entire length which decreases with other adjustable dumbbells.  If choosing a lower weight the length remains unchanged.  Obviously if you increase the weight with the weight blocks than the entire length will increase approximately 12 inches maximum length.



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