How Do You Train, Strengthen, Tone Your Body, Arms, Shoulders, And Chest Muscles At Home, Office, or While Travelling?

Exercise and workout with this pair of push up bars, pull up bars that can give you the targeted and precision workouts for your chest, shoulder and upper body muscles. Helps you get the upper body you desire and at the same time tone and strengthen your upper body, arms, legs, and stomach
Effective and Inexpensive way to build and maintain the body. Perfect Core Training with minimal expense. Builds and Tones Your Arms, Shoulders and Chest Muscles.
Tone you arms, shoulders, chest with this compact Push Up Bar Set. Perfect for Both Men and women, push-up bars help build upper body strength with short, effective workouts.

Compact, Collapsible, and Easy to Assemble for Storage and Travel

These pair of push up bars are compact and collapse to fit in a small space 10 inch x 8 inch x 2 inch for easy storage in your closet, under the bed, or in a duffle bag, travel bag, or in a suitcase
Perfect for use in Apartments, Dorm Room or other locations where space is a premium.

Padded Handles Offer a Secure and Comfortable Grip

-Non-slip grip for enhanced balance and stability
Colors and styles may vary from one illustrated in the images
Perfect Core Training For Men and Women. The Perfect Complement to any Fitness Routine at Home, Office, Gym, Dorm Room, Apartments.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction One Hundred Percent

Don not miss this opportunity to do a workout with these pull up bars what can go with you or you can have handy and nearby at all times. Pull Yourself Up and Scroll to the top of the page to order the Push Up Bars

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