Do you want incredible definition and tone to your chest and arms? You spend valuable time in the gym lifting and building mass. You’re where you want to be in terms of size, now it’s time to get those muscles cut and make them look incredible. You can try using your hands on the floor to do push ups, but that’s crazy. It takes longer and hurts your wrists. For a couple of bucks, you can get set up like the pros, with a pair of quality push up bars from 321 STRONG. – Increase the results you are getting from your current upper body workout – ease the strain you’re putting on your wrists – Travel with simple and effective workout equipment – Develop and work your core like you never have before – Tone and shred your chest, abs, and arms – Feel the burn (We all love to feel the burn!) And best of all your purchase is covered. You’re backed by our lifetime guarantee on our pushup bars, our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, and our outstanding customer service team (located here in the USA). So whip yourself into shape, burn fat, tone your muscles, and get… 3-2-1 STRONG!

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