A simple and easy workout tool to shape up those Abs helps strengthen your arms, shoulders
chest and back. Its compact size means that you can take it with you when you are
travelling. With its easy dual glide wheels to help keep your balance while using this.
This comes with the knee pad foam to protect those knees while using this, you can
use this anywhere, in the house, at the gym, even the garden. All in all, a great item
to help shape and tone your upper body.


-Compact size und durable
-works on any floor and easy to take on your travel anywhere .
-Works your upper body (Abs/Chest/Back/Shoulders/Arms).
-Queit and smooth rollout.
-Dual glide wheels to help with balance.
-Comes with the foam knee pads
– Easy to roll out further and back in
-Improve your balance and build your core muscle


-Wheel Dia.: 6″
-Overall Length: 13″
-Weight: 12 ounces

Package Contents

-1 x AB Wheel
-1 x Knee Pad

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