Soozier Anti-Gravity Boots are a portable and efficient way to safely perform inverted exercises such as core strengthening and leg workouts while improving blood circulation. A firm yet comfortable shell covers thick sponge that secures around the ankles and securely locks to ensure safety. Lightweight yet effective and easy to assemble, our Soozier Anti-Gravity Boots offer all the health benefits of Inversion right in your home.


– Firmly and securely lock to ensure safety

– Counteracts the downward pull of gravity

– Helps you to recover quickly from compression fatigue

– Efficiently helps to improve your core body strength and blood circulation

– Thick, padded sponge offers comfort

– Fashionable design, easy to assemble


– Color: Black, Red Label

– Overall Dimensions: 14″ x 8.3″ x 7.8″

– Material: Steel, Sponge, Stainless Steel Pothook

– Max. Weight Capacity: 661lbs

– Net Weight: 5.5lbs

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