The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar for 9ft Ceiling or Wall Mounting makes every workout complete. The 1.25″ diameter bar, textured grips, 22″ risers and jig welded gussets give gym grade performance and maximum versatility. Designed for easy installation with mounting holes spaced 48 inches on center this pull up bar is ideal for both ceiling and wall mounting to 16 or 24 inch spaced wall studs or joists on any floor of your home or commercial location. Explore your mounting options and preserve floor space with 22″ bar clearance for maximum range of motion. Build whole body functional strength with traditional pull up bar exercises for your arms, chest, back and shoulders or use the Ultimate Body Press Pull Up as an ultra stable anchor for accessories like Ab Straps, Gymnastic Rings, and Suspension Trainers so you can design your own full body fitness program. Whether you choose a wall or ceiling mounting, your rigid mount bar will let you focus on form and reps with every workout.