Any standard wooded doorframe can be your center for inversion with Teeter’s EZ-Up Inversion System, which comes complete with our Inversion Rack, Gravity Boots and Healthy Back DVD. Without interfering with the normal use of the door, quick-disconnect locking brackets secure to the doorframe and allow the Inversion Rack to be installed in just seconds. The Gravity Boots wrap comfortably around each ankle, securing with adjustable, self-locking ratchet buckles. Easy-reach handles and comfortable foam handgrips allow for mounting and dismounting with ease. The double-bar system enables you to hang freely out and away from the frame — allowing for maximum mobilization during your inverted workout! The Teeter Inversion Rack also serves as an excellent chin up bar. The chin portion of the bar is outside and higher than the doorframe, allowing the user more extension than a traditional doorway chin-up bar.

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