Sport-it Fitness All New High Quality Push-up Bars & Workout Guide is designed to provide everything you’ll need to Maximize your Pushup Routine and gain lasting results!

Are you let down by your current Pushup routine? Frustrated with the outcome of doing regular push ups or using push up products that lack range of motion and place unwanted stress on your wrists? Looking for a way to get the MOST out of your portable workout?

Here’s 10 reasons why we think Sport-it Fitness Performance Push Up Bars are the bars for you!

1. Build and Tone Muscle – An easy and effective way to sculpt & define your upper body

2. Bonus Workout Guide – Learn the best workouts targeting chest, arms, core & shoulders.

3. Superior Quality – No wobbles or bending in this high quality compact power stand.

4. Perfect Height ** Taller than the competition ** This allows for a wider range of motion, deeper pushups and better results.

5. Good Form – Easily integrate with any workout program.

6. Portable – Bring it with you anywhere or store is safely with ultra-easy assembly/disassembly.

7. Comfortable – Soft Foam Grips alleviate stress on wrists – Effective for Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis.

8. Non-Slip – Rubber Feet ensure a safe and secure push up no matter the surface.

9. 2 Unique Colors – Two great colors to choose from.

10. Risk Free – 100% refund guaranteed no questions asked.

Click the “Add to Cart” Button NOW and receive Sport-it Fitness’s new Push Up Bar and BONUS Workout Guide – All products backed by 1 year customer satisfaction guaranteed – Or your money back!

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