Forget about running to the gym and paying through your hard earned money, now you can exercise from the convenience of your own doorway- literally. While burning muscle and trimming fat. Forget about back-breaking sit-ups, these Ab Straps can turn drill instructors.
Product Features

Perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts
Made with thick padded lining, high-end fabrics, heavy nylon straps, and mountaineering-grade steel carabineer
Mounts to the Perfect Pullup Bar and most other pullup bars

Tone and strengthen your abs while using the Iron Gym workout bar with this pair of ab straps. Also compatible with the Iron Gym Xtreme, the straps hang underneath your arms while attached to the bar, letting you perform hanging leg raises to work your upper, lower, and side abs. The ab straps are perfect for home workout enthusiasts.
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