If your looking for a gym-quality wall-mounted pull up bar which bolts securely to your wall studs, this is the one. Shipped with mounting hardware, this chin-up bar is much steadier than doorway versions. As a result, you can pull yourself up without wobbling or swaying, and without having to dip your head to avoid the door jamb. The bar also offers several grip types–including wide grips, narrow grips, and parallel grips–that support a variety of upper body exercises. Exercise options include everything from wide-grip pull-ups to chin-ups to weighted pull-ups. Construction details include a heavy-duty steel frame, textured knurled steel grips with padded foam, and a gunmetal powder-coated finish. This pull up bar can be easily fastened to the stud walls of most residential and commercial building because the anchor points are positioned at 16 inches on center. The heavy duty reinforced support beams and the parallel grips extend out 20 inches from the wall giving plenty of room for your pull ups. This pull up bar is made of heavy gauge steel with foam padded grips for more comfort and less irritation on your hands. The parallel grips are spaced at 16 inches on center. The parallel grips are also padded and work great for neutral grip pull ups and knee raise exercises. Installing a pull up bar in your home is one of the best things you can do to keep you and your entire family strong and healthy.

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