Best Exercise to Lose Weight

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?
People who are trying to lose weight need to devise effective diet plan and exercise routines that work suitably for their case.  Exercise builds up muscles, burns off calories, consumes energy, and speeds up the metabolic rate to lose weight.
There is not particular best exercise to lose weight, but you should combine strengthening exercises and cardio workouts to achieve your goal.  You can perform the following exercises that can guarantee gradual, yet steady weight loss:
Walking is a basic exercise, which will not put stress on your knees.  People with cardiac and weight problems will benefit from this low-impact activity.  Experts recommend walking at least four miles per hour for 45 minutes every day to shed one pound in a week.
People who swim vigorously can burn around 400-700 calories within one hour.  Regular swimming conditions the body, increases stamina and strengthens muscles.  It is the (best exercise to lose weight) for people suffering from arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders and obesity.
Cycling is a physical activity, which you can do in the gym, at home or outdoors.  It is a simple exercise, which ensures remarkable success of your goals in weight loss.
Cycling exercise burns about 370-1,000 calories in an hour.  It is a low-impact cardiovascular workout, which does not damage the joints.  Riding a bicycle increases metabolism and strength of your body.
Almost all weight loss programs incorporate running.  It burns approximately 600 calories in an hour.  Running is a good warm up activity before a workout session, whether inside or outside the gym.
It is effective in building strong bones and facilitating adequate blood circulation.  When your heart pumps sufficient supply of blood to the different organs of the body, it is possible to prevent cardiac problems and stroke.
High Intensity Interval Training
It is one of the best exercise to lose weight options for those who want to stay fit.  You only need to spend 20 minutes, three times a week for this exercise.  It includes any intense exercise followed by a brief cooling down period.
High Intensity Interval Training is recommended for people who already exercise on a regular schedule for several months.  This type of training is an effective exercise to lose weight in a weeks because it burns more calories than a continuous workout for 20 minutes.
It is important to complement your exercise with a healthy diet plan.  No physical activities will be helpful if you do not decrease your calorie intake.
In addition, you need to modify your lifestyle by getting up crouch the couch and leaving your gadgets.  Resist the inclination to be inactive and make an effort to have at least 30 minutes of continuous activities.  There is no single best exercise to lose weight.  You need to pair it with a healthy lifestyle and diet, instead.

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