We’re always searching for writers wanting to write quality posts on How to Lose Tummy Fat at Home blog.

In return, you will receive full credit for your post, a short biography at the bottom of every post you compose.  The biography will included links to the author’s blog and the link to author’s profile or social networks.

Requirements for Guest Posting

Here are rules for guest posting on the Lose Tummy Fat at Home blog.  It is simple requirements to follow.
Our preference for posts are the following:
  • burn belly fat exercises tips, tricks, update information.
  • Easy exercises to lose belly fat at home
  • Weight loss resources in helping our visitors.
E-commerce news, tips, experience when buying and selling online.
The post or article is not allowed to be copied from anywhere else on the internet including your blog, however, you are allowed to get ideas and revise it for uniqueness and easy to understand.
With post or article tutorials, keep them simple for visitors can follow them step-by-step.  Included the link to demo and relevant images.
Your are allowed to link to your own blog only if it is related to our blog (eg. referring a coding example ).  However, you should not write articles around topics justifying a link directed to your blog.  We also strong do not want you to actively encourage visitors to visit your blog.
Remember that you receive a link directed to your blog at the bottom of your posts also links to your social networks and profiles.
No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

If you interested in writing for us:

Please send your article to:  elaine@howtolosetummyfatathome.com.  Your article should be in MS Words, Text or HTML format attached with the mail.
Write your own biography and the links you want to included in the biography area in the mail, and we will include you information at the end of the post your create.
Thanks you and we wait for your articles soon.