Looking for an excellent tool to help you get “flat stomach” and “ripped abs”? You can’t miss this premium yes4all abdominal exercise mat! The quality goes hand in hands with the unbeatable price. Made of high density yet soft foam, yes4all ab mat contours your body perfectly and support your spine, lower back while doing abdominal sit-ups. Virtually, practicing with our ab mat ensures your right position, thus prevent injury. An abdominal mat measures 15 inch x 12 inch x 2.75 inch, providing a safe comfortable spot for you to practice on. No more interruption! Non-slip base keeps the mat always in place when you exercise. What to do with abmat? Especially designed to help you make a smooth, full range of motion while targeting the right muscles- the upper abs, lower abs, oblique’s and the lower back muscles. Our ab mat is ideally used for sit-ups, cross crunches, leg lifts, and heel touches. You can also use it as a padded supporter to do push-ups or handstand. Everyday exercises yes4all ab mat is a total fitness solutions that offer more and cost little. Its lightweight, portable features bring convenience for your daily workout routine. Take it with you anywhere to practice more.

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